Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

More Poetry From manejo

Love is Just a Dream
I like him
I love him
I want him
I need him

     I know you love me, why do you always leave me?
     You never believe, but I will never forget you forever
     I believe that we will share a life

Although, you always make me sad, I will make you happy
If you are sad, I will come to you
If you need me, I will give a solution to you
I want to close my eyes
     I want to dream of you
     I will love you with all of my soul

I need you, but you don’t care about me

You Lie to Me
I’m alone if you leave me
I’m lonely if you are not here with me
I’m sad if you forget about me
I’m angry when you are arrogant around everyone
 I know in the past, you would smile at me
    You always told me that you were “fine”
    But I know that is wrong

In the past, together, we always smile, laugh, cry and were happy
But just one thing…
 You make me hate you
    You are mean, cruel, and you make me broken hearted
    But although you are mean, I will always keep my heart just for you

Because my heart will be your heart for now and forever
Because my heart will always be yours

My Friends
For now and forever
They are always there in the bad times and good times
They feel what I feel
They come when I am sad, happy, and sick
That's what friends are for

When they are sick, I'm sick
When they are happy, I'm happy
and when they are sad, I'm sad
That is friendship: colorful like a rainbow

If we can't do something one way
We do it another way
Because we always try
There is nothing we can't do
It all depends on us

My Parents Are My Life
They are kind
They are always there for me
They give me attention
And they are amazing

They are meaningful to me
They always understsand what I want
They are always in my heart
And they are the most wonderful blessing I have ever had

They are half of my life
If they are not there
I don't think I would be
I can't life without them

I want to be useful just for them
I want to give my love to them
They are always patient
Although I'm naughty

Life Is A Story
And love
That is the life within ourselves

I believe that if you always try
You will get good results
I believe that if you are confident
You can do anything
I believe that if you are afraid to do something
you will have big problems

Every person I meet that is more clever than me
from them I can learn lessons

There is always love, there is always hate
When you love someone, you always miss them
Maybe you know that
Because that is life.

I Miss Your Heart
In the moment you went to serve
In the moment you went away from me
In that moment I missed you

I believe you..
That you will be faithful
that you will keep my heart
that you will always keep our love

Actually I am afraid of losing you
because we are stretched by to worlds
the distance that separates us is two worlds
but my heart is just for you
I will stay here just waiting for you

I mess when we laugh together
when we walk together
Everything we did together

Me and your family will always wait for you
to come home with a smile on your face.

- manejo

Senin, 21 Maret 2011

SMA Candipuro

SMA Candipuro

Empty Without a Darling

When the sunrises in the East
The darkness that hovered is lost
All the happiness is welcomed
Except myself
That is always empty
Without the presence of a darling.

Class XII IPA 2:  Andika Irawan

Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

More Poetry From manejo

I Miss Your Heart
In the moment you went to serve
In the moment you went away from me
In that moment I missed you

I believe you..
That you will be faithful
that you will keep my heart
that you will always keep our love

Actually I am afraid of losing you
because we are stretched by to worlds
the distance that separates us is two worlds
but my heart is just for you
I will stay here just waiting for you

I mess when we laugh together
when we walk together
Everything we did together

Me and your family will always wait for you
to come home with a smile on your face.

- manejo

Rabu, 16 Maret 2011

SMA Candipuro

SMA Candipuro, Class X-3
Poetry by Purnadi:


Stars shine in the sky
The night: decorated
Look at the night now
And now
Stars light the world
Thank God
It’s beautiful here

A poem written by free will-not homework nor assignment-written only because he wants to improve his English and get his work out there. Thanks Purnadi! Keep up the great work!

Kamis, 10 Maret 2011

Love Poems from manejo

Check out some poems from the manejo students!

My Faraway Love 
Two years ago…
You said you would be here
Forever with me my dear…

Beside you I feel no fear
I open my eyes without a tear
I feel comfort
I want to be with you always

Because you are my heart
and without you I cannot laugh
You are my soul
and without you I cannot stand

but two years ago…
You left  me, oh no!
left me without a smile
without words I could say

please…Take my breath
So I can always be with you
and I swear!!
That dieing with you
is better
Than living without you

Because of Him
I’m with you now
But I always see his shadow
A man whose eyes are narrow
I fell in love with him though

Since then…
Two hearts are in my life
Disturbing my dreams and my day

Sorrow but somehow
It’s crazy, swinging between two fellows
and you know…
half of my heart is his, now

Yet  I will not let
You take the distance
farther and farther away
You left me without saying good bye

You are not somebody in front of the door
Standing and taking presents and more
Smiling but his eyes are wicked

Love is not a game
So with it you cannot play
Love is not a star in the sky
Only there in the night
And cannot be reach in anyway

But you are inside the heart
Waiting for someone to pick you up
Feel the sadness and happiness at once
To take the prizes…

To play with the stars in the sky
Smiling without saying anything
And this is the way for you...
...To say everything

Language of the Heart
If you are american
you have english to say
even to give the name for things
When you are arabian
you have your own way
To say everything without being shy

every ethnicity has its way
to say the word meant to be said
Different with the world’s languages
Even our heart has its language
To save the ways of expression

Only the one who understands
The language of another’s heart
That is the soulmate of yours
And the one who wants to understand too

- manejo

Jumat, 04 Maret 2011

manejo Narrative Drama

The manejo 10th grade has been working on narrative text and as a way to spice things up a bit, we turned our narratives into dramas. Everything is completely written and acted by the students. This is Group1's drama. They did a wonderful job! Enjoy and let us know your thoughts.

Above is the speech that one of my students gave at a regional English speech competition. I am really proud of her and I think that the results speak for themselves. She absolutely blew away the competition and left everyone in awe.

"In Our Hands"

On behalf of MAN6 Jombang, I would first like to thank God. I would also like to thank the University leaders and the judges for donating their time to listen to our speeches.

ladies and gentlemen…
Imam Ali karromallahu wajhah once said:

[Arabic Proverb]

“A man is not one who says “here is my father!” a man is the one who says “here I am!”

I will start my speech by posing a question. “What will Indonesia’s legacy be 25 years from today?”. To find the answer to that question, we do not need to look further than this room. The future of Indonesia lies here and its legacy will be written by us. The actions that we take today, the decisions that we make now, will directly effect the Indonesia of tomorrow.

Indonesia is the 4th largest country in the world, a country with a growing economy consisting of over 200 million consumers, and a democracy that is continually expanding. It’s no longer a question of “if” Indonesia will become one of the most important countries in the world, but rather “when” Indonesia will become that country.

It is our generation, the current high school and university students, that will make that decision. If we push ourselves to be the best we can be now, Indonesia will reap those benefits in the near future. If we push ourselves to be the best students; to study everything from religion to mathematics to art, from English to history to music and to see the world beyond our villages, cities, and country we will provide the future Indonesia with citizens that are well rounded with the capacity to lead and to think critically.

If our generation strives for peace, we will see a more peaceful and more prosperous Indonesia. Our generation must continue the work to promote peace, while suppressing hate in order that our children will grow up in a country they can feel safe and be proud of. Instead of fighting with our hands, we will fight inequality with our words; rather than using them to strike, we will use them to build schools, plant seeds, support our friends, and to lift those who cannot lift themselves. We will use our hearts and our minds, instead of our guns and our missiles.

Eventually, Indonesia will be one of the most important and most powerful countries in the world. Though, if we sit back and pass our burdens onto the next generation, it may take 100 years, but If our generation commits itself now, then, in our lifetime, we will see Indonesia become that great country that we know it can be.

When I stare out into this crowd, I see much more than a room full of my peers; I don’t just see students, but I see the future of Indonesia. I see teachers, I see doctors, I see lawyers, I see scientists, I see politicians. I see everything great that Indonesia is now and everything that it can become in the future. I stand before you today, not only as a student from MAN6 Jombang, but as a citizen of Indonesia and an advocate for greatness. If we can all make the decision to be great now, the greatness of Indonesia will soon follow. That I am sure of.

[Arabic Proverb]

“The young men today are the leaders of the future”
Thank you.

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

SMAN Candipuro

A poem SMAN Candipuro English Club wrote for International Peace Day. After writing the poem, we then gave it to some seniors to put music to it!

Love Peace

When you can no longer see straight
Love is lost and everyone feels it.
But pure love is “Love Peace”
Welcoming one’s love is…
Peace, Peace, Peace, Love Peace

Don’t create hatred because it will create war
Jealousy makes hatred
Hatred makes war
War makes death
And death is the end of happiness
Say Peace!

Remove revenge and hatred
Erase differences between Nations
Create harmony in life
Stay away from social jealousy
Purify the heart from every stain
Let’s go hand-in-hand for togetherness
And give a helping hand.
If hatred falls
The only thing standing will be
“Love Peace”

Selasa, 01 Maret 2011

Love Poems from Panekan... No. 2

Here are the highly anticipated winners from Agama and IPS classes! Please leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions. Thanks for reading! 

My Love to Allah
In every night
I am crying
Remembered my faults
Which I have done

Not only me
Who does it
But it crumbles my body.

In every time I worship you
I feel I want to give something
About my heart
You give me pride if I have a fault
That I will become your sweetheart.

In every second
I also worship you.
I hope you are proud of me.
I miss you so much, especially.
Your love for me
It’s like a love bug
Which bit me, yeah bit me.

by Mely and Umi

I wish love always is my sweetheart
I wish love always in my beautiful days
during the time I’m still alive
I wish always to be together with love
Because love is you
Because love blossoms for your sweetheart
Makes me capable of a beautiful smile
Makes me capable of spirit and happiness
   I will be the last for you
   I wish always for your love
   I wish you only in my heart
   Because I love you
   and my Love is bigger than Lawu Mountain
   I will always need you.

by Cancer Boy

My Love Only You
I want you to know
Your love makes me tumble
I can’t forget your shadow
It’s like a love bug bit me
Crumble, this heart, if you’re not on my side
Every time I only want to be together with you.

            I will always love you
            And I will always miss you, my sweetheart
            You aren’t replaceable
            And never can be replaced in my heart
            Now or later I will adore you,
            Love you, miss you, and forever you
            I love you my baby…

by TB

A Beautiful Memory
Beautiful, very beautiful memories between us.
All that because love
The love that blossomed between us
So peaceful, so calm and so sweet
   I want our love to go on
   I want you to touch my hand tenderly as before
   I want our memories stainless
   But why all of a sudden you have disappeared and gone
You never are forgotten, I remember in my mind
Because you are one of the most beautiful memories in my life.
You do not ever miss the joke and my joke
Because you are my happiness
   I do not want all the story of love between us to be gone
   Because it is all possible because you and me love each other
   I will always remember the memories between us
   Beautiful memories will always be saved in my heart.

by Dye-Lae Girl