Minggu, 17 April 2011


I figured to take what they constantly draw in their notebooks or arms and get it online for everyone to see! 
Class X students expressing their artistic side...amazing work! 

Kamis, 14 April 2011

Bondan - Not With Me (cover by manejo)

manejo learning English through music! Help us get this song to Bondan Prakoso himself by watching, watching again, commenting, posting it on your walls, and sharing with everyone you know. manejo143.

Rabu, 13 April 2011

More manejo

We write, because writing is cool! Check 'em out!

Many people say love is beautiful
But I think  love is painful
Since I feel heart broken
But my feelings about heart break were immediately lost
Because someone came back into my life
Oh… My God

Does he love me?
If  please don’t leave me
Because I really love him
I only want to feel that love is real

Love Story
I will love you with all my soul
You are always in my heart
Although you are mean, because you are insane and you are strange
I will always save you name in my heart
I will love him
My heart will be your heart forever

My Heart
I know you love me
And I can feel that
I can see you in my heart
You will stay in my heart foever
You know!
You will be in my heart
Love me in your heart, lovely
I know you go on
But… I will wait for you here
Always, always here…

What is the Meaning of Love?
Love is really beautiful
But love sometimes makes me sad
And when I am sad
Love makes me cry

Actually, what’s the meaning of love?
Is love very beautiful?
Or is love crazy?
Why is their love in the world?

You are always in my heart
My heart is always with your shadow
You make my day colorful
Without you, the world feels quiet

You left me alone
At that moment I needed you
You know my love must continue
But I will save your name in my heart forever

You Own My Heart
In the past, I liked him
In the past, I felt his love
In the past, I loved him

But now I hate him

You never SMSed me
You never understood me
You never cared for me

But why were you always there…
In my heart.

My heart is in a lot of pain
You hurt my heart

You left me
You wounded me…
You hung my love…
You killed my love for you.

You never respected me
You never gave me attention
You made me love you

I don’t want to cry because of you…
I want a life without you.

When you walk with your girlfriend,
My heart is hurt
My heart is broken
My love for you is lost

I didn’t want to know about you,
But now and forever I will love you

You Are My Best Teacher
In the past, I could not speak English
In the past, I could not understand English
In the past, I was shy…
I was always lazy to study

But now that is all different
I can speak English
I can understand English
I am always confident,
And I always study hard

Thank you, you have taught me
Thank you, you always helped me
Thank you, you were always there for me

Throw Away the Tears
I want to be in your life
I want you to be my choice

I always cry because of you
But I want to prove to the world that I hate you
And I can live without you

I try to forget you
I try to forget the memories of you

I can only cry
Because I can’t forget you

Only you can give motivation to me
Only you can make me smile
Only you can give me spirit
But I know that it is all false

I Wanted to Close My Eyes
You never realized…
…that I loved you
I always saw your beautiful eyes
That moment you smile, I am happy
However, you are hers
Still there is a ray of hope for me
I want you to be mine
A leader in my life

You are my love
I allow my tears to fall just for you
I always loved you although that love was not for me

You always smiled,  and I smiled
I sacrificed my life for you
And all just to make you happy

You always hurt my heart
But every time, I forgave you
I did it because of what?
It was only because I loved you
I wanted you to love me too
My love for you is sincere.

You and Me
You are very hard headed
You are very arrogant
You are very insane
You are very cruel

Why did I love you then and now?
I hope that I can open my eyes,
To look at your heart

They told me…I’m very naughty
I’m very fussy
I’m very friendly
But I’m always faithful

It would be better if you go away from me
I don’t want to see you
I want you to go far from me
Because you just gave me a broken heart.

They Love Me
If I’m sad, they are there for me
If I’m happy, they are happy
If I cry, they remove my tears
I love them, but I am confused
But why can he only make me happy
Actually, he was never there for me
But why did my heart say “it’s not his fault”

I can’t lie if I love him
Although all my friends, teachers, my parents are always angry with me
But I need him in my life

Creative Profiles from SMAN Galis

SMAN 1 Galis students represent with awesome profiles expressing what it really means to be them. 

About Me: Honesty is very important and not judge someone from their face or their style, but judge the from kindness of their heart.

I want to be a jumper like in the movie and go around the world whenever I want. If I feel bored with people around me, being able to meet famous people instantly would make me happy. Is it possible?

My Profile: I want to leave my community and go on an adventure to new places because life experience is very important for me and all people. I like sports and bird hunting. I have shot a big bird. My dream is to be a soldier.

For me patience and diligence in working is key to reach success in this world. And religion is part of my soul, ‘cause without it my life won’t be useful, or like rubbish. I want to cruise the universe and then to discover secrets which are contained by the universe. But I’m still hesitant whether I can do it or not. I like to play badminton, listen to music, and especially drawing. I am an imaginative boy and cheerful. And I often express my imagination on paper.

I am a short girl and selfish. My life is study. I eat, drink and sleep study. My family are very important for my life. I have four close friends, they are Dodet, Miftah, Nawawi and Yuyun. Being an English teacher is my ambition. I don’t like lies, I like truth and honesty.