Minggu, 01 April 2012

Poems from SMAN 1 Galis (Woot Woot!)

I am still a student
- Wardah

I am a smart student.

I hear explanation of my teacher.
I see the white board.
I touch my pen and my book.
I smell perfume of my friend.
I taste every food which I buy.
I am a smart student.

I pretend to be a stupid student.
I feel happy with my friends.
I try to answer the questions.
I worry that my score is bad.
I wonder about my ability.
I am a smart student.

I think that I must be diligent.
I understand what I hear.
I believe that I can.
I want to be a clever student.
I dream about my success.
I hope I can be a career woman.

My Love
- Eka
My      Love
My love   is just for
you.  I will never give my
 love to another girl. My love for you
is unlimited. In my heart there
is only you. I hope
 you will be my
 soul mate

I am poem
-          Ern

I am an ambitious person.

I hear the moon and stars are singing.
I see they are dancing.
I touch them softly and slowly.
I smell fragrance of them.
I taste their shiny and their happiness.
I am an ambitious person.

I pretend I can dance and sing like them..
I feel happy cause I can see them doing those things.
I try to imitate their style.
I worry I will fall down and can’t do it.
I wonder how they can do it well
I am an ambitious person.

I think I have ability to do that.
I understand they are more capable than me.
I believe one day I will be better than them.
I want to be the brightest star of all.
I dream I can be a famous and important person.
I hope it will be everlasting.
I am an ambitious person.

Kim Bum’s Angel
- Titin

I am Kimbum’s angel.
I am kind and friendly.

I hear him call me
I see him in South Korea.
I touch him when he sleeps.
I smell his fragrance.
I am Kimbum’s angel.

I pretend to be someone who he loves.
I fel happy if he smiles for me.
I try to be the best woman for him.
I worry if he gathers with another girl.
I wonder if he sees me as an elegant woman
I am Kimbum’s angel.

I think he is my soul mate.
I understand when he is sad and happy.
I believe he and I gather although different.
I dream I can get married with him in 7 countries.
I hope to become the best couple in the world.
I am Kimbum’s angel.

Wonder Woman
- Nuriyah

I am wonder woman.
I am clever and strong.
I hear what they say.
I see them suffering
            I am wonder woman.
            I feel them suffering.
            I try to help them.
            I worry they are dead.
I am wonder woman.
I understand that they protest.
I believe in their protest.
I want to help them.
I hope the government helps them.