Minggu, 01 April 2012

Poems from SMAN 1 Galis (Woot Woot!)

I am still a student
- Wardah

I am a smart student.

I hear explanation of my teacher.
I see the white board.
I touch my pen and my book.
I smell perfume of my friend.
I taste every food which I buy.
I am a smart student.

I pretend to be a stupid student.
I feel happy with my friends.
I try to answer the questions.
I worry that my score is bad.
I wonder about my ability.
I am a smart student.

I think that I must be diligent.
I understand what I hear.
I believe that I can.
I want to be a clever student.
I dream about my success.
I hope I can be a career woman.

My Love
- Eka
My      Love
My love   is just for
you.  I will never give my
 love to another girl. My love for you
is unlimited. In my heart there
is only you. I hope
 you will be my
 soul mate

I am poem
-          Ern

I am an ambitious person.

I hear the moon and stars are singing.
I see they are dancing.
I touch them softly and slowly.
I smell fragrance of them.
I taste their shiny and their happiness.
I am an ambitious person.

I pretend I can dance and sing like them..
I feel happy cause I can see them doing those things.
I try to imitate their style.
I worry I will fall down and can’t do it.
I wonder how they can do it well
I am an ambitious person.

I think I have ability to do that.
I understand they are more capable than me.
I believe one day I will be better than them.
I want to be the brightest star of all.
I dream I can be a famous and important person.
I hope it will be everlasting.
I am an ambitious person.

Kim Bum’s Angel
- Titin

I am Kimbum’s angel.
I am kind and friendly.

I hear him call me
I see him in South Korea.
I touch him when he sleeps.
I smell his fragrance.
I am Kimbum’s angel.

I pretend to be someone who he loves.
I fel happy if he smiles for me.
I try to be the best woman for him.
I worry if he gathers with another girl.
I wonder if he sees me as an elegant woman
I am Kimbum’s angel.

I think he is my soul mate.
I understand when he is sad and happy.
I believe he and I gather although different.
I dream I can get married with him in 7 countries.
I hope to become the best couple in the world.
I am Kimbum’s angel.

Wonder Woman
- Nuriyah

I am wonder woman.
I am clever and strong.
I hear what they say.
I see them suffering
            I am wonder woman.
            I feel them suffering.
            I try to help them.
            I worry they are dead.
I am wonder woman.
I understand that they protest.
I believe in their protest.
I want to help them.
I hope the government helps them.

Selasa, 28 Februari 2012

Poems of Love from MAN Rejotangan

Honey, don’t Leave me
When you Look in to my eyes, they Looked empty
my eyes are full of tear, although you do not see it
Sometimes when you are beside of me
I don’t want to throw this moment
I want you beside of me forever
I want you always guard me
and care with me
            It’s too pain….
            receive that you will go far away
            and never Comeback
I wish to avoid this fact
I wish you never go
and always beside of me
However…I realize that.
this is your future to Leave me
            I wish the moon’s Light will always Bright
            so I can See you there
If you find your Love
Just one my wish
Don’t forget me
Because I will never forget you
and always Love you

by Nurul Hamidah, Class XI IPA2
MAN Rejotangan

Love In My Heart
            Love is sacrifice
            No known yield
       Untorture by Hurt
       Undisappoint by Unfaithful
No search about Perfect
But, Becomed about Perfect
            Never scared by The break
            Never cry if sad
       Always Trust to Found
       Always shy to Affair.

by M.F.F. (Mokhamad Faojal Farikin), Class XG
MAN Rejotangan

Dear, I’m Very Love You
When, I look you,
        I’m falling in love with u
      you steal my heart
    I can’t forget you
  Dear…I’m very Miss u
Where are you now?
            Don’t leave me My dear
            I can’t live without you
            Don’t Disappoint me…
         Your shadow always accompany me here
     when you not beside me,
     my life feel very empty
           do you want to accompany me, my dear?
I hope you want
            Without you. this world is very very empty
My love to you is very wider than Ocean.
   Your smile always in my Mind
   in the world, Only you in my hear
       You like water and Oxygen in my life
            I will broken heart if you leave me
          Because I’m Very love U

by Cici Fatmala, Class XD
MAN Rejotangan

Love is beauty…
Love is for somebody…
Love can make you happy…
make you fly…
But, Love also can make you cry…
If your Love is really…
your Love will immortal without lie…
and faithful is the first key
and you can say…
Love is really beauty

You say…
You need me…
You say…
You love me…

but, the factual…
            you’re lie
you have girl other than me..
I regret..and I cry..
you hurt me
and I will say..
Please, Run away!!

by Arick Pi, Class XG
MAN Rejotangan

Love is crazy
Someone who feel love
Can do everything for getting their love
Willingness sacrifice their time for their lovely
            Every one ever will be feel the love
            But after feel love
            I want to understand meaning of love
            I want to know love is enjoyable or love is hurt
I want feel love
Like I see love my father to my mother
Can receive each strength and weakness
Can build feel believing and faithful
When I see and I feel their love
I really want to understand love in my life
And I want love is seasoning of my life

by Alfi Roman, Class XI IPA1
MAN Rejotangan

Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Pray Your Blessing

Pray Your Blessing

Goodbye, mother and you father…
Sincere is my leave,
I remember mother and father
I ask, pray your blessing!!!
            Good to course, I am saying
            Advice with my save.
            Your love always glimmers
            The recall rushes by my eyes!
My father and my mother
Listening to my conscience…

   -Ernita Feni S.
        MAN Mojosari, Class X.4

Perception of My Heart & Why Love It

Perception of my Heart

Why do I ever have a boyfriend.
He always passes on, like that only.
Why is the love he gives me in limit of time.
Firstly, dizzy, very beautiful and sweet.
As if never there is bitterness.
But…Apparently, what can I do now?
However, the sensation is bitter that oppress my chest.
Oh my God…..will it be forever…
Will it be as this…!
And when does that come, my love.
Because I miss it very much.
Today I always have ideals.
Able to happen with my boyfriend later.
As a matter that in sensation with my friends now.
And I am only able to pray for it to happen.
In order for their love to last, to die separate.

-Nurus Syafa’atul Ilmi
          MAN Mojosari, X.1

Why Love It

The sound could have gone with the wind
Flew up to drown the noise
He was wasted in the room that he’d never know
Longing…exceeds a roaring ambition
a piece of hope without realizing he wanted to
release the too ill to be maintained
why did this love have one vote?
Love is not supposed to be inside of you
Love it shall not be a portion
Why should one choose this love….???
You are always hurting…

-Nurus Syafa’atul Ilmi
          MAN Mojosari, X.1

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

My Memories

My Memories

Bitter but hard to forget
Beautiful, but not memorable
Let bygones be bygones
Let the wind like dust
The pain was…….
A sense of disappointment that……
Is always imagined in my mind
With what I forgot???
I want to get up……
I want to forget everything……
Tears as if not able to
My weir to hold all my pain
Sacrifice, patience, and sincerity I’ve done
For the sake forget the wonderful memories
Which always tortured me
Given all these things
I’ve managed to forget
Forgetting all the memories
Ever in my life……

-Windy Yuli Susanti
   MAN Mojosari, XI IPA

A Delusion

A Delusion

At the moment I love you
I knew if I only fantasizing
But what I think
My heart is injured
Because there is only
A delusion in my life
Now I can just forget it
It’s only a delusion
The impossible can become reality
If all be true
Whether what I do
What I able to accept
But it was not possible
Because in my life
Just image
To love you…..

-Windy Yuli Susanti
   MAN Mojosari, XI IPA 1

A Mother

A Mother

You like my spirits
You always helped me
While I was hard
You always advised
While I was wrong
I want to make you happy
As you make all this happiness
From child until now
You always give your love
You are my diamond
When I was in front of you
You are so easy to forgive
You’re always in my heart
Not a second step without you, Mother
I will always love you forever
Thank you mother…..

-Windy Yuli Susanti
   MAN Mojosari, XI IPA 1