Senin, 30 Mei 2011

Poems and Short Stories from manejo


When I was a child
I was always great
I loved her
And she loved me
And I will never forget all the memories
Of her

You are always in my heart
You are always in my love
You are always in my memories
You are always in my mind

I will never forget you
But I was very naughty to you
And I always hurt your heart, mom…

Every night in my dreams
I always imagine you
And give you my tears
Like a crazy person

If I see a mother walk together with her child
I feel sad and my tears will fall down my face
God, I’m not strong
I’m weak

When she kisses her child
I think…

“I want to be like that child”
“I want to be like that child”
“I want to be like that child”

After ten years
She left me…
Without her tears
Without her soft heart
Without her beat

My body is like sand in the sea
Always broken if the water touches me

Mom, if you want me to sing a love song
I would sing one for you
You are not alone mom
Because I will always love you
Like the see loves the water

My life is difficult
Because you left me forever

My eyes are very terrible
With tears around my face
It is difficult to think
Because you killed my mind when you left

Do you know my angel…
I’m very miserable without you
I’m very crazy without you
I’m very confused without you
I’m very meaningless without you

Why God?
Why did my mom leave me?
And why did you take my mom?
Why? Why? Why? Why?

“ A story about me”

I think I’m very fussy, dramatic, pretty, loyal, friendly, kind, hilarious, but always cry. I can say that because all my friend and my teachers always tell me that. I have a beautiful name, it is Yuni. My parents gave me that name. 

This is about my school. I am still in school. It is very amazing. I get to study all materials, for example religion, general subjects, and extracurricular. Oh yeah, I can cook and sew, because in grade 10 my teacher gave us two options, cooking or automotive and I chose to cook because I like that. Then in grade 11 I chose sewing because if my dress tears, I can fix it.

This is about my aspirations. I have many aspirations. For example, I want to be a chef. I want to be a chef to make cakes. I want to open a store just for cakes. Later I want to make the store very big and amazing. The price for the cake is medium and it is very delicious and I want to give half of my money to poor people. Maybe now I just can say that “I want” and “I want” but I believe that I can reach my aspirations and my dreams.

This is about my friends and my teacher. What do you think about friendship? I think that friendship is colorful. If I need them, they are always there in bad times and good times. And they feel what I feel. That is my opinion. I have many friends, but I have special friends. Their name is the “7 Keys” Maybe this very strange but they always help me. I love them and I have many teachers. They have different characteristics. They are patient, dramatic, funny, friendly, and silent. But they give me attention and I hope that God always gives them health.

This is about my parents. Parents are very important to you life and my life. They are always meaningful to me. I’m honest that I am very naughty. My mother is always angry with me but I don’t know what she wants. I can just be patient. Actually they want to keep me safe. They are afraid that I’m sick and now I know my parents love me and I can give them thanks for everything.

This is about love. What is the meaning of love? In my opinion love is very strange, bad, hilarious. Maybe sometimes love makes you very happy, but sometimes it can make you broken hearted. Maybe you are very disappointed, but if you keep your love, I believe you cannot get broken hearted. And I always remember and remember what my teacher always told me “be nice”. I like it. If I remember that, I can choose what is better.

And this is about my special friend. He is always in my heart. Maybe now and forever. I hope he can change me. If I talk about him, maybe it will be for a very long time. He has one sister and two brothers. He is very special to me. He likes noodles. He is very strong, hard headed. selfish, he always makes me happy, but now he must go out from the school. I hate him, but I miss him. At the moment he has a girlfriend here. I’m always jealous with her, but I know I’m just a friend to him.  At the school maybe everyday I cry, but my friends are always there  for me. He is afraid of little cats. He like to play football. His aspiration is to be a football player. I hope so, but why does he like to make me cry? I just need him to care about me. But why can’t I forget hiim? He doesn’t love me. He doesn’t care about me. All my friends and my teacher told me he is kind with me if he needs me but I believe that is wrong and they told me that I’m blind because  I never hear what they say. I think that I’m stupid. I just can cry for one person who doesn’t love m and just loves his girlfriend. I can leave him. I pity him, but too much reminds me of him.

And this is finally my story. I hope that I will reach what I want.  I will always love you. Maybe I will wait for you wherever you are. I hope I can do it. And I hope all people love me and love you. And you can get your love. You must “be nice” and please give everyone attention, keep your parents happy. Do anything that is good. Reach your aspirations. And finally, do it yourself and keep your heart safe.

The End.

In the moment that I’m make a mistake; will you forgive me?
In the moment that I’m sick; will you visit me?
In the moment that I forget you; will you still remember me?

In the moment we are separated; will you still call me just to say “hello”?
In the moment that my name is carved on a gravestone; will you carve my name in your heart?

This is a short story about my life. I think my life is very perfect. I can feel sad, happy and more importantly I have many friends. I have a special friend. He always makes me happy, although he just gives me a smile, but that makes me happy. I know that is very wrong. I ask my heart “Why do I like him?” Maybe my heart can answer “You love him, you want him, and you need him.” But I think that is fair. Now it’s very different that the past, because  now he is not here at school. I can’t see him. I can’t see his smile. He always asked me “are you ok?” That is just a lie. They always told me that he comes to me if  he needs me. I don’t believe it. I just want him to care about me. He gives me support. Maybe that is all very impossible.  When do I get his heart? Maybe I will be with him forever, although not now. I miss him. He wants to go to Sidoarjo. He must work and I’m afraid that if I don’t get his heart now, then maybe never. You are my motivation. I can’t breathe without your breath. I can’t live without you. I think that I will forget you, but I can’t.

“My Heart is Lost”

I don’t want to hurt you
However this is my honest opinion
I want to be in your heart

I need an answer from you, now
If I am not suitable for you
I want to fly far from you
Far in my loneliness so I can forget you

I hope that you can understand about my loyalty
I hope that you realize my feelings for you
My soul and body is just for you

I hope my love is consistent to save mein your heart
I will always keep your love in my heart


With you I can learn
What the meaning of life is
And with you, I can learn
What the meaning of love is
Loyalty, sincerity, and honesty

Preparing for a speech competition..

Selasa, 10 Mei 2011

SMA Candipuro

Toni X-3

I was in your womb for nine months
It was difficult for you to sleep and walk
Everyday you were hurting

After I was born
You always gave me your prayers
And now you leave me
Now I live alone

Nur Zaini X-3

Indonesia is my country
Many kinds of tribes, cultures, and race
From Sabang to Merauke
Rows of islands.

This is my world.
Indonesia Raya
One that is always peaceful
Greeting one’s heart. 

Desi X-1

The first time I met you
I saw something that was different
Something in your eyes.

You make me forget everything
Your purpose is to live with me. 
Your heart is always content
But my heart is empty without you.

M. Joko X-3

What do you know?
The moment we first met
My heart was yours
Is that different?

From the moment I looked at you
When I look into your eyes
I am flying but don’t know where to
Your face is like a beautiful angel
An angel from the city. 

Afni Dewi X-3

When I look at the sky
I feel happiness
Because in the sky I see your face.

It’s never boring looking at you in the sky
Because I always have you in my small heart
When will you greet me?

I miss you in the night.
I will always be waiting…
Waiting for you forever.

            I will always hope
            And always pray to my God
            You will be the last in my life. 

Eka Dwi Cahyawati X-1

Beautiful Smile

I look at your handsome face
When you walk near me
When you smile at me
My heart feels very happy

            I am very interested in your face
            And I like you
            I also like your smile
            And you are very handsome

You are in my dreams
You are the best in my heart
And you are my love
I will remember you forever
And you won’t forget me. 

Sabtu, 07 Mei 2011

'I am...'

'I am...' poems from some awesome students and one rockstar math teacher at SMAN Galis.

I am an ambitious person and I like challenges.
I wonder how the birds can fly.
I hear the voice of birds is very soft.
I see them fly with masters of themselves.
I want to fly with them in the air.
I am an ambitious person and I like challenges.

I pretend I can fly with hopeful jumping.
I feel I can fly through the air with them.
I touch the clouds up there.
I worry I will fall and fall.
I cry cause that has been only fantasy.
I am an ambitious person and I like challenges.

I understand every being has a shortage and excess of talent.
I believe the God will give us the best ones.
I dream my desires be able carried out as they can fly.
I try to make an attempt and do the best.
I hope one day to be a successful person, a master of myself.
I am an ambitious person and I like challenges.
I am a woman and I’m not young anymore.
I wonder to reach the other ambition.
I hear the wind laughs at me.
I see the clouds closer to me.
I want to run as fast as a deer.
I’m a woman and I’m not young anymore.

I pretend to smile at everyone.
I feel a knife hurt me.
I touch my chest, was wet.
I worry my blood run out.
I cry in the corner alone.
I am a woman and I’m not young anymore.

I understand you will support me.
I believe I will not disappoint you.
I dream I walked with you on the sky.
I try the dream will come true.
I hope God is willing my prayer.
I am a woman and I’m not young anymore.

I am a short girl and a cute girl.
I wonder about my ambition.
I hear a song.
I see a light sun.
I want to be a teacher.
I am a short girl and a cute girl.

I pretend to teach my younger sister.
I feel happy.
I touch a moon in the sky.
I worry about not becoming a teacher.
I cry like a baby.
I am a short girl and a cute girl.

I understand about being a teacher.
I believe I can be a teacher.
I dream I will teach in school.
I hope I can achieve my ambition.
I am a short girl and a cute girl.
I am a smart boy and a successful boy.
I wonder to be a successful boy.
I hear a smart boy is always fortunate.
I see a smart boy is also successful.
I want to be a smart and successful boy.
I am a smart boy and a successful boy.

I pretend to be diligent to do something.
I feel lazy to do it.
I touch by my mind.
I worry to be a stupid boy.
I cry while I have mind a stupid boy.
I am a smart boy and a successful boy.

I understand about being a successful and smart boy so much.
I believe I will be a smart boy.
I dream I will be a smart boy and a successful boy.
I try to study hard every time.
I hope my dream is real to myself.
I am a smart boy and a successful boy.
I am a patient boy and imaginative.
I wonder how to fly like a bird.
I hear the birds singing around my head.
I see the mountains smile to me.
I want to be a professional painter.
I am a patient boy and imaginative.

I pretend to talk with animals.
I feel the future has been waiting for me.
I touch the beauty of sun, moon and stars.
I worry if this world is destroyed.
I cry if I have offended someone.
I am a patient boy and imaginative.

I understand I can’t do all thing.
I believe I have some superiority in myself.
I dream myself relaxing in the air.
I try to be better and better every time.
I hope myself will be very useful for everyone.
I am a patient boy and imaginative.