Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Love Poems from Panekan... No. 1

The Class II students of MAN Panekan have been working hard on "expressing love" in English. Each student wrote a poem and each class chose their favorite to publish for the Right2Create readers. Enjoy!!


In Love At School 
While I see
Bright face
Like the moon in the night
My heart beats taut

   One I will worship you
   One will all adorations just for you
   While I am approaching you
   from around the corner at school

That place becomes witness
While you become my love bug
Although it steals time
lie to teacher
   I say to you love.........
   "I love you during my whole life."

by Rohman


My Boyfriend
My sweetheart I love you.
You can make my life more meaningful.
We can solve problems together,
All through thick and thin.

   Give thanks to Allah
   Coz you give me perfect love.
   I never stop worshipping you.
   Your majesty is higher than
   the biggest mountain.

My sweetheart, you are my soulmate.
Don't ever leave me
because my life is not meaningful
without you.
Those are my reasons for loving you.

by N.N


Love is something obvious
Love is growing like a trembling
A tremble makes my heart blossom
   I want to make you happy
   because seeing smiling makes me happy
   and with a little love you can build my dream
  an obvious and beautiful dream
It's going to be a wonderful day for me
when I spend it with the one I love
   I always hope this love doesn't crumble
   because without your love, I don't mean anything
   and I will always save this love
   In order than the love will never be lost
You are special to me
I'll never stop loving you
And I will always love you

by E.R