Senin, 20 Februari 2012

Perception of My Heart & Why Love It

Perception of my Heart

Why do I ever have a boyfriend.
He always passes on, like that only.
Why is the love he gives me in limit of time.
Firstly, dizzy, very beautiful and sweet.
As if never there is bitterness.
But…Apparently, what can I do now?
However, the sensation is bitter that oppress my chest.
Oh my God…..will it be forever…
Will it be as this…!
And when does that come, my love.
Because I miss it very much.
Today I always have ideals.
Able to happen with my boyfriend later.
As a matter that in sensation with my friends now.
And I am only able to pray for it to happen.
In order for their love to last, to die separate.

-Nurus Syafa’atul Ilmi
          MAN Mojosari, X.1

Why Love It

The sound could have gone with the wind
Flew up to drown the noise
He was wasted in the room that he’d never know
Longing…exceeds a roaring ambition
a piece of hope without realizing he wanted to
release the too ill to be maintained
why did this love have one vote?
Love is not supposed to be inside of you
Love it shall not be a portion
Why should one choose this love….???
You are always hurting…

-Nurus Syafa’atul Ilmi
          MAN Mojosari, X.1

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